Hello Mr Dave Thacker,

I’ll try to keep it short. Your website is the best I have ever visited. !! Every time I visit it’s like going to an RC school I always dreamed about for free. All the basic important info. Also it seems everything possibly needed in RC aircraft is here expertly laid out also to mention the excellent customer service, no need anymore to look for other sites as complete and informative as yours. I catch myself absorbing info for hours which seems like minutes. For me, its easy to see this site is built, maintained and operated with pride, thinking of the customer first. Prices I feel are also outstanding (extremely reasonable). Again, thanks for the best RC aircraft website on the net. I will soon visit again with another purchase. I have some WWII pictures from my late Pops photo album, Fighter pilot-P-47, test pilot, over 2500 hrs combat, 43000 total, Africa and all of Europe. Many pics. Never published. I’ll send a few in a later E-mail. Of course that’s how most of us ( I ) got started. Thanks again.

L. Stolte, New Jersy

August 2012