RadicalCast #007

We discuss New Battery Lasts 1500 Cycles, Avoiding Miracle of Flight Enamorment, Thinking Through a Power System – a continuation of our power system theory series started in Radical Cast #002. We discuss an actual model I fly, the GWS Sky Hero. You’ll want to have the Setup and Performance Chart below in view to follow along.


Thinking Through a Power System product link at RadicalRC.com

RadicalCast #006

We discusss: Bad weather strikes, flying field weather tips. Fun with Hover Craft! More On Form & Peak Charging. Using thread locker properly.


RadicalCast #005

Bob’s Lucky 13 Kadet Senior and my flight predictions. A photo of the model and it’s owner was posted on June 1st. The High Voltage Paradigm Shift. Form Charging NiCad and NiMH packs. Important Considerations and general information on how peak charging works. Post flight commentary on Bob’s Lucky 13 and the importance of understanding what you want from a power system. The test flight video is available in the June 3rd post.

Show Notes:
Stick 400 Kit


RadicalCast #004

Cast Topics: 2011 Dayton Hamvention, Basic Proportions of Aircraft Design and a discussion with Connecticut’s Ned Bassic of West Mountain Radio, an expert with Anderson Power Poles, power distribution and high current testing.

Show Notes:
Dayton Hamvention
Radical RC Stick 400
Batteries America
West Mountain Radio
Rig Runners
Ned Bassic’s Favorite Anderson Crimper


RadicalCast #003

Topics discussed include: Using Lipo’s & A123’s as Receiver Packs, Choosing a Soldering Iron & Lost Watts – Why Efficientcy Matters.


RadicalCast #002

Cast topics, What’s going on at the shop – Multi Rotor Aircraft, Understanding voltage ratings of servos/ignition systems and “Nominal” voltage specifications.  How to tame those bouncy landings and we begin a series about understanding electric power motor systems, important concepts are covered. 

Show notes: KK Multicopter boards.


Radical RC Introduces RadicalCast #001

Welcome to the Radical RC Workbench, Radicalcast.  Today the topic is 12v power supplies for the flying field.  Dave will cover how many amps your power supply needs to be to drive your chargers and how to get the most life out of your 12v wet lead acid batteries.

Note, this is my first cast, just warming up and learning this new skill, they’ll get better I promise. 😉