Radical RC to Visit SEFF Again In 2012



We’ll be at SEFF (Southeast Electric Flight Festival) held each year at Hodges Hobbies and flying field outside Americus Georgia.  SEFF is one of the premier RC Flying events in the country.  One of my favorite events to attend.  Hodges Hobbies is on the field.  This is place is RC Heaven.  You won’t believe how beautiful it is.   The photo below is a bit outdated, there is now a lake to fly from to go along with the golf green quality runway.   This place is BIG.  I’ve seen a full size Pitts come in and out of this field.   The hospitality here is outstanding.  Lots of good vendors and one of the best hobbyshops you’ll ever see is on the field.  See the SEFF website for information about the show, camping, hotels and any other questions you may have.   This event and location are “bucket list” quality.  If you’ve never been, won’t you come this year?   You wont’ be sorry!

SEFF View From Sky
SEFF View From Aircraft
 I look forward to flying my 1905 Wright Flyer many times at the event.  We finished it about 2 weeks before Toledo.  We needed it for display at the show and didn’t have time to complete another with all the show prep.  So, after only 3 trim and balance flights, we had to pack it in for safe keeping. 
Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer

Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer

When you see me on the flight line with the 1905, come on up.  You can have a wiggle on the sticks.  To me there is nothing more fun than sharing the a Wright Flyer.  It flys like a big trainer except that you need to be comfortable flying with your left hand.  She likes the rudder.  I’ll see you at SEFF.

Find videos of SEFF’s at: Higher Plane and SKS Video.

PS: The home brew beer for the BBQ this year is an IPA.

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