The Dawn Of Aviation at Huffman Prairie

Dave Thacker and Mark Freeland at Huffman Prairie

Huffman Prairie Aero Carnival is in the books. Having officailly flown at the worlds first airport are the folling pilots:

Bill Brown, Michigan, EFO
Mark Freeland, Michigan, EFO, RetroRC
Dave Thacker, Tipp City Ohio, Wingmasters Model Airplane Club, Radical RC
Dave Flint, Vandalia Ohio, Wingmasters Model Airplane Club, Radical RC
Frank Beafore, Springfield Ohio, Select Tech

Bill Brown and Mark Freeland of Michigan at Huffman Prairie Aero Carnival

Saturday August 18th was a stunning day for RC flying. Winds were light and variable around 5 mph. Thermal bubbles were everywhere. Models flown included a Deperdussin, Antionette, 2 1905 Wright Flyers and an Eindecker EIII.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Helicopter

For a model to be flown on this facility it must be scale or stand off scale of any flying machine 1916 or before. Anything qualifies that might have been in the cannon of early aviation knowledge leading up to the invention of controlled flight by Orville and Wilbur Wright through to their last aircraft the 1916 Model L. Anything the brothers could have been exposed to knowledge, rumors or news of through 1916. You could even bring a mock of up Leonardo Da Vinci’s Helicopter if you can get it to fly.

Radical RC 1905 Wright Flyer and Marker Flag at 2012 Huffman Prairie Aero Carnival

It’s important to understand, flying of any aircraft or models at this facility is strictly prohibited execpt during one special day each year during the Aero Carnival. The base police will impose a $500 fine if you should decide to operate an aircraft at this facility which is in clear view of the Tower. Should permission be granted again for next years carnival, it will be your chance to fly at the world’s first airport. Now go research a project and get some glue in your fingers.

All photos by the lovely Lisa Ackerman