The milk of human kindness

A simple gift.
You have to like what NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo did for a barefoot man in Manhattan one frigid night this month. In fact, more than 260,000 Facebook users have “liked” DePrimo’s actions, a number that’s growing every day. Full Huffington Post Artical

Officer Larry DePrimo, a man, purchases a pair of boots and socks gifting them to a homeless man. This is an example of the milk of human kindness. There was a time in this country before it was undermined by the the progressive movement that charity was handled family’s, churches and civic groups. It’s a sad truth that whatever the government pays for, it gets a huge surplus of. In our world there is a slow take over of governement atempting to monopolize the the spigot of human kindness. What was once almost exclusively given freely (a hand up) is now almost exclusively monopolized by government officials through tax collection and redistribution. Sadly, because of the limitless bounty of handouts the milk has gone sour in many places. I salute Office Larry Deprimo for helping his fellow man, for his human kindness.