Excellent Use of Z Rack N Stack

Dave Baer Writes:

Hey Dave,

Thanks again for your great customer service I really appreciate it. Take a look at how I used your hangers to get a bunch of planes in a spot that wasn’t being used at all. Thanks for designing such a great product!

Feel free to share with others.


Z-Rack-N-Stack Over Stairway; Dave Baer
Z-Rack-N-Stack Over Stairway; Dave Baer

This is a photo of the finished setup hanging in un-used space over a stairwell. View from 2nd floor, the models are over the treads at the bottom of the stairway. what is the rope thingie in that photo?

Puly and Cleat Setup
Puly and Cleat Setup

Fastened to the header above the second floor stairwell entrance is a pulley and 2 common rope cleats. A simple way to raise and lower his fleet!

Lowered Fleet , Pick Me!.... Pick Me!....
Lowered Fleet , Pick Me!…. Pick Me!….

Here is a shot of the rack lowered to the first floor, ready to for another mission into enemy territory!

Thanks Dave for the photo’s of your setup. 7 Planes all stored in unused space and wherever they were is free’d up. Perfect.

Find the parts to build this project here at: Radical RC