I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received from your company.
Dick Rake



I just want to say a big thanks! For my recent order, it was shipped super-fast to my USA address and then forwarded to me here in New Zealand in just over a week!! It was packaged perfectly and as a bonus there was more material in one of the packets than normal. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Radical RC and will be recommending your site to others. Keep up the good work!!

Many Thanks
Jarrad Scott, New Zealand



I have been thinking lately how much I like and appreciate your Radical rc service. So, I wanted to write this email and say Thank You for having a great service and selection of just what I need to carry on with my modeling. Don’t know what I’d do without Radical RC.

Happy Flying To You,

Garberville, California


Hey Dave. I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my shipment. It was the charging cable for JR/Spektrum batteries. It was not only packed incredibly well, but it got here in just a few days for only $3 in shipping. Thank you very much and I can honestly say I do plan on doing business with you again as well as recommending you to all of the guys in the RC club! I hope you have many great days ahead of you 🙂

Sincerely, Daron 3-17-13


I have ordered several times from your company…exceptional service…thankx

C. Bryan


I recently purchased the Verti-Go 125 kit and I have got to say that is the best kit that I have ever built. The ease and speed of putting the kit together is amazing. I had the entire kit framed up before I ever pulled my glue out.I just wanted to say ” Job Well Done “. I built the plane over a couple of days all together in between being on call as a tow truck driver.

Kerry, Island Lake, IL


Hi Dave
Hope u are having a good weekend. I called your store Sat. morning with a question
about charging.
Thanks for the help and for taking your time to help me. Service of anykind is rare these
Days. I am & will be a repeat customer and will recomend to my friends.

Thanks again,
Tony W. (doorgunner) 1st Air Cav.BenWa


Thanks for your continuing effort to supply high quality products at reasonable prices and low shipping costs. I just placed an order for some CF tube and rod. I had the wing joiner break on an 18 year old trainer and would like
your opinion smoothing off the end of the broken joiner then drilling an 8 mm hole in each wing and finally using the 7.5 mm would CF rod I just ordered will be strong enough or should I drill and use two 7.5 mm rods. I will be using urethane glue so it will expand and fill the gaps.

Also I have several 72 mhz JR receiver crystals, I know you used to have an crystal exchange service and would like to send them to you. I am now 2.4 ghz on all my planes.

Thanks again for the great product selection and service.

Bill Cover


Well I never have sent an email to say something good about anyone. But your shop is the BEST so far as I’ve seen. Damn you sent the stuff so quick it might interfere with my alcohol consumption this weekend. Shipping rates are great, prices are too and you seem like good people.

PS. I never got the winning powerball numbers I was hoping for………LOL Feel free to use this email as you wish.

From Massholechusetts, another Liberal loving state,
John Baron


I ordered your Slowstick Biplane kit a few months ago and it has sat. I finally finished it up Friday and maidened it on our beautiful Michigan Saturday at the Greater Detroit Soaring and Hiking Society field. What an absolute hoot!. I’m a sport poly sailplane pilot and not real familiar with regular fixed wing. On the second flight I was hanging it on the prop hovering in a 5mph breeze and then climbing over the top into inverted flight. The guys were laughing and wondering why I was flying 3D with a Slow Stick. What a great product. I’m quickly approaching retirement and with more time on my hands I’ll need a few more toys. I have enjoyed your service and Radical is on my very short preferred vendor list.

Jim Fetterly
Rochester, MI