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Discontinued & Sold Out Items

Astro Flight 010 8T 3.3:1 Geared Motor

Astro Micro 010 motor 8T This is a new motor and is designed to replace the 14 turn motor 6-12 volts, 10 a max, max amp one min 15 a, deans 3 pin motor connector on motor. This is the short version of the motor.


Stator Winding: 8 Turns
Rpm/Volt: 3200KV
Winding Resistance: 0.156 ohms
No Load Current: .3amp
Max Amps: 15 amps
Max Power: 150 watts
Size: 1.3" L, .098 D
Weigh:t 56 grams

Setup and Performance Chart
# CellsPropAmpsWatts InputRPMStatic Thrust oz.Pitch Speed MPH

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 1300 used as trial cell in calculations. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of ESC, weather and many other variables.


SKU Number: AST801GM08T
Price: $84.95 

Fiberglass Cloth Heavy Weight 6oz x 38" x 36" (1 YD), WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Fiberglass Cloth Heavy Weight 6oz x 38" x 36" (1 YD), WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Fiberglass Cloth has found many valuable uses in the model field. It is excellent for reinforcing critical strength areas of a model airplane such as the firewall attachment, wing center section, and landing gear installation. Model boat builders also like it for covering the bottom of a wooden boat hull for extra strength and puncture resistance. Polyester Glass Resin or slow-drying Epoxy Glue should be used to saturate the Glass Cloth and adhere it to the model structure.

Glass Cloth and resin can also be used to mold entire model parts, such as a whole airplane fuselage. Cowlings, wheel pants, and any other model parts that have a lot of compound curves are also especially suited to fiberglass construction. Fiberglass parts such as these will have an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and excellent dimensional stability.

Lastly, many modelers like to use the ultra-light weight Glass Cloth as a covering material for their entire model, especially when an epoxy or enamel paint is going to be used. It's super strong and goes around compound corners with ease.

Like the name implies, Glass Cloth is made of actual glass! First, very fine filaments of pure glass are spun into yarn. This yarn is then woven into varying weights of cloth. Glass is one of the strongest textile fibers, having greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter. We have Glass Cloth available in four different weights to suit all possible modeling applications. Chemically treated to enhance glue/resin adhesion. This is the finest grade Glass Cloth available, manufactured by the largest fiberglass producer in the U.S.


SKU Number: SIGGF002
Price: $12.20 
Quantity Available:  2


APC 7.4 x 7.5C Sport Prop, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

APC LP07475C Sport Prop 7.4 x 7.5C

Q40 Carbon


SKU Number: APC07475C
Price: $10.00 

Sig Cub Kit

Sig Cub Kit

The Sig Cub was designed to be a simple, but capable, "advanced trainer" for modelers learning the ins and outs of trimming a F/F model. This little gem is capable of long high flights, limited only by the developing flier's knowledge.

Kit Features: Die-cut Balsa Parts, Molded Plastic Propeller, Molded Plastic Wheels, SIG Contest Rubber Motor, Covering Material, Detailed Building And Flying Instructions & Detailed Full-Size Plans.


SKU Number: SIGFF1

Sig AMA Cub Kit

Sig AMA Cub Kit

When Hall of Fame modeler Frank Ehling set out to design a simple little rubber power model that AMA could use to introduce newcomers to the hobby, he probably never thought he was drawing up the most popular model airplane of all time. This is the same model that has been used since 1968 in beginner's promotions around the world. Very easy to build, yet can turn in some amazing flights. Perfect for a group build.

Kit Features: A Ready-To-Use One-Piece Balsa Stick Fuselage. Printed Covering Material On Which The Wings And Tail Surfaces Are Constructed. A Ready-To-Use Molded Plastic Propeller Assembly. SIG Contest Rubber Motor. Detailed Building And Flying Instructions. The Kit Includes Everything Except The Glue!


SKU Number: SIGFF5

Sig Monocoupe by Tom Stark

Sig Monocoupe by Tom Stark

The full-size Monocoupe was always known for its exceptional flight performance. Tom Stark's model of this classic lightplane has proved to be a winner from its first test flight. Now you can duplicate this little beauty for your own enjoyment. 1973 Nationals Winner.

Includes Sig contest rubber, die cut balsa parts, covering material, wheels, prop, instructions, plans with isometric views and full set of decals.

Wingspan: 24"
Lenght: 16"

Potential for electric conversion with today's modern micro gear.


SKU Number: SIGFF25

Hitec FM 72mHz TX Crystals, New or Used

Hitec FM 72mHz TX Crystals, New or Used

These crystals fit any Hitec FM Transmitters in the 72mhz band. These TX xtals typically have "HTF" or "TF" printed on a white or white with black cap. All channels listed, but does not guarantee availability.

Word to the wise: Not sold by Hitec, so very hard to get. Must part out radio systems to get them. Our experience is that changing a TX xtal in a Hitec TX is a BAD IDEA. It will work and you'll range check well, but you'll pick up side bands and become a source of interference to other pilots. Regarding our Crystal Exchanges, we won't accept anything for a Hitec FM TX xtal except a Hitec FM TX xtal. Set the right example here and treat your fellow modeler with respect, get the retune done.



Channels Frequency List (for reference only):


72.010 (11)
72.030 (12)
72.050 (13)
72.070 (14)
72.090 (15)
72.110 (16)
72.130 (17)
72.150 (18)
72.170 (19)
72.190 (20)
72.210 (21)
72.230 (22)
72.250 (23)
72.270 (24)
72.290 (25)
72.310 (26)
72.330 (27)
72.350 (28)
72.370 (29)
72.390 (30)
72.410 (31)
72.430 (32)
72.450 (33)
72.470 (34)
72.490 (35)
72.510 (36)
72.530 (37)
72.550 (38)
72.570 (39)
72.590 (40)
72.610 (41)
72.630 (42)
72.650 (43)
72.670 (44)
72.690 (45)
72.710 (46)
72.730 (47)
72.750 (48)
72.770 (49)
72.790 (50)
72.810 (51)
72.830 (52)
72.850 (53)
72.870 (54)
72.890 (55)
72.910 (56)
72.930 (57)
72.950 (58)
72.970 (59)
72.990 (60)

SKU Number: HTFM72TX
Price: $8.00 
Channel Number 
Inventory Option 
Alternate Channels Numbers I will Accept::

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