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1.5" Metered NI-STARTER With 110V Charger - Product Image
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1.5" Metered NI-STARTER With 110V Charger

The NI-STARTERA® has a 1.5" barrel and is supplied with an UL Approved 110V AC Charger. It locks onto the glow plug. Just push down, rotate, and it's locked onto the glow plug for hands free operation. The Metered NI-STARTER has a durable, shock resistant, dual faced amp meter to show the condition of your glow plug. When attached to your glow plug the meter will indicate plug condition, good or failed. This aids in determining the cause of many starting problems. The meter does not indicate the NI-STARTER charge condition. All versions of the NI-STARTERA® carry a 180 day warranty against defects in workmanship or the materials used. We further have an original ownership policy for the NI-STARTERA® beyond the warranty, contact us directly for the details.

Sonic Tronics Warrants their NI-STARTERS for 180 days. Please contact them directly below:

Sonic-Tronic Products Warranty Info.

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