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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         1950 FAUP NiMH     

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1950 FAUP NiMH Sanyo Square or Double Packs - Product Image
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1950 FAUP NiMH Sanyo Square or Double Packs

I'm blowing out all remaining stocks of 1950 FAUP Electric Flight Packs. This is a great deal, REAL CHEAP, NO CRYBABYS, AS-IS, No Warranty, no phone, no food, no pets. This is about 75% off current FAUP Pricing. This inventory is getting a little old. Get extras just in case. If you want to cry, have a warranty, call me if there is a problem, tell me about it at when you see me, then the price is $8 per cell in advance and I'll order you the freshest newest stock as our RX packs always are. This is a blow out deal to get rid of these and open up much needed shelf space. I'm serious, real cheap, all sales final.

If you order flat and we are out, we'll send you double stick or visa-versa. Don't order if you can't reconfigure to taste. I have pretty much everything in stock at this time and we'll try to meet your request close as possible. If you order a 10 cell and were out but have an 11, I'm sending you the 11. What ever it takes to meet or exceed the order and get the shelf empty. Comprehend? Old Description: The highest capacity fast charge 4/5A NiMH you can get. Outstanding performance. All packs are double tabbed and triple welded. High quality high strand count wire 6" pigtail included on all packs. Manufacturers listed internal resistance of a single cell is 7m?.

Special cell counts and shapes are available.

Select cell quantity, connectors and pack configuration, below:
SKU Number: RRC0(6/7/8/9/10)H1950(S/X)TIG

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