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2100 6.6V 2S - Product Image
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2100 6.6V 2S

2S 2100. LIFE RX pack. Replaces Ni-type 5 cell battery packs with lithium technology without the need for voltage regulation. Weight: 4.6 oz. (131g). Measures: 3.9 x 1.3 x .71" (100 x 34 x 18mm). 2 each 22 AWG 4"-6" long output wire with universal RX connector. Deans Ultra output connector. Do not discharge below 2v per cell (4v balanced total). Max charge voltage 3.65v per cell (7.3v balanced total). Max charge rate 3.2 amp. Recharge before use if below 5.6v under 300mah load. Balance charging with A balance charger designed for LIFE 2 cell packs is required. Setup with worlds most common XH balance connector. Standard universal RX plug included by default below, others available in drop down box (1 plug installed on appropriate weight pigtail).







SKU Number: HCAM6437
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