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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         Metered NI STARTER     

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3.5" Metered NI-STARTER With 110V Charger - Product Image
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3.5" Metered NI-STARTER With 110V Charger

3.5" Ni Starter with meter and 110V charger. Absolutely the finest Ni-Starter brand money can buy. These don't fall off or wear out and fall to peices like the collet type glow ignighters do. Invest in the best to start with and you won't be sorry you did. McDaniel NiStarters have always been made under contract by Sonic Tronics. Now, Sonic Tronics owns the brand name and is printing these with the Sonic-Tronics brand name. Exact same McDaniel's quality you have always expected.

Sonic Tronics Warrants their NI-STARTERS for 180 days. Please contact them directly below:

Sonic-Tronic Products Warranty Info.
SKU Number: MCD204

Price: $35.95 

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