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3.5g Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor 3.7 Volt - Product Image
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3.5g Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor 3.7 Volt

Micro Outrunner Motor 4500KV made for 3.7 volt operation.

We did some in shop testing on this motor with a 7.4V pack, GWS 2.5-.8 prop-.98 amps, 31,900RPM, 103F, pitch speed about 18mph. GWS 2.5-1 prop, 1.1 amps, 30,800 RPM, 105F, pitch speed about 22mph. Both of these props were run for 1 minute. We also tested with the GWS 3-2 props, the motor overheated quickly and was down about 12k RPM. DO NOT try to run a 3" prop on 2S here. Current and tach readings taking at start, temp reading at end. The motor seems stable to me with 2.5" prop 2S setups. Certainly in air loads would be lower. I am getting excited to design a Sub-Micro-Stick! Notice although the RPM seems way too high for indoor, the pitch speed is very modest. You should note that our testing indicates an amp limit similar to the manufacturers below. When we obtain the new single cell ESC, we'll do some similar testing to determine some useful setups for 1 Lipo.

KV 4500
Voltage 3.7V
No load current 0.24A
No load RPM 16600 +/- 6%
Max continuous current 0.9A
Continuous RPM 10400+/- 6%
Resistance 1.18ohm
Dimensions 13 x 4.6mm
Shaft Dia. 1.5mm
Weight 3.5g


Price: $44.00 

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