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5/16" x 1/16" Neo Magnet N42 Discs, 4 Pack - Product Image
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5/16" x 1/16" Neo Magnet N42 Discs, 4 Pack

A 4 pack of Neo Super Magnet Discs. Size: 5/16" x 1/16". Same magnets used in our Radical RC kits to hold hatches, wing latches and wings in some cases.
Great for creative mounting of many things, even canopy's.
The screw and rubber band were invented a long time ago.
Eliminate the old time "think" of many of today's models and go fastener-less wherever you can.
Lightly scuff the surface of the magnet where it's to be glued and use epoxy as your adhesive.
CA is not recommended as it tends to let go of the magnet after a short time.
As an extra bonus your new magnets come in a handly reusable container.
You can link/snap them together to form your own sorter bin for small parts.

SKU Number: MAGPK516X116
Price: $3.00 

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