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A123/LithiumWerks LIFE Insert for Hobbico Power Core MKII

A123/LithiumWerks LIFE Insert for Hobbico Power Core MKII

The Hobbico Power Core is a nice battery holder, the only problem is it comes with a small weakish lead acid battery inside. The voltage depression of this small battery is very large resulting in a weak performance from your starter. Running a 4S (2500mAh cells) A123/LithiumWerks will just about double the torque you have now. The nominal voltage of a 4S LIFE pack is 13.2v. And, It''s voltage won''t depress nearly as much when your squeeze the trigger delivering more torque than ever before.

Our pack is designed to fit right into your Power Core case without any modifications. Although you could use the provided charge port in the power core, it is recommended that you use a Deans Ultra plug in the wire from the starter to the A123/LithiumWerks Power Core battery. This way you can unplug it and charge the pack directly. Your new battery may now be charged up to 10 amps if you please. The stock lead acid charger should be discarded. Only charge with a charger in A123/LithiumWerks charge mode.

Note, you must install a connector on your starter wire up to the task. Suggested connectors are listed below. If you order a "Set for Starter Wire", you''ll get a complete set of plugs. The one you don''t put on the starter wire can go on the battery if you wish to install it yourself. If so, sellect "None" for Output Connector. If you select an output connector, we''ll put it on the pack for you ready to go. You''ll still need to install a plug on your starter wire to match.

Price: $94.00 
Output Connector 
Balance Connector 
Connector Set For Starter Wire 



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