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AEO C10-2900KV

Primarily intended for 2S and 3S running on 5" and smaller props. Perfect motor to upgrade you Blade CX or add to a Multiplex Fox. Great for small models.

I am unable to get sensible data from motor calculators for this motor using available data. Actual test results below in chart. Note, we used 2 and 3S Lipo's of various sizes. The voltage listed is "as depressed" under the conditions of the test. Props used are GWS. If you can provide a link to serious motor constants please email me. I'm not interested in other dealers websites where the same incorrect data from the MFG's website are repeated. These guys are LAZY and never check out anything for themselves. On occasion we do. ;-)

Weight: 8g
Max power 40W
Diameter: 17.8mm/.701"
Length: 16mm/.629" (Shaft Exlcuded)
Shaft Diameter.: 2mm
Shaft Length: 5mm Max Amps: 4 Constant, 5 Amps 30 seconds.

Motor Constants as published: (except as noted)
C10-2900 Kv=2850 (my KV meter says 3036), Rm=?, lo=0.33, Eff. Op current=2 to 4A, 5A Max 30 seconds (RRC Estimate).

Props Suggested:
2S: 4-2.5,4-3,4-4,5-3
3S: 3-3,4-2.5

Combination ESC and Prop Adapter Choices available, select option below.

Setup and Performance Chart ACTUAL TEST DATA
VoltagePropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPH
Estimates based on actual tests as detailed above. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of ESC, weather and many other variables.

SKU Number: AEOC10-2900
Price: $14.95 
Combo ESC  
Prop Adapter  
ESC Motor Side Soldering  
ESC Battery Side Soldering  
Quantity Available:  6

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