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Ace RC Digital Voltmeter

The rugged and compact Ace R/C Digital Voltmeter is designed with the R/C hobbyist in mind.
It checks all batteries up to 20 volts and indicates the voltage in a clear, hi-vis liquid crystal display. It also allows you to key a load in and out on both the receiver and transmitter battery so the voltage reading provides a valid determination of whether you have enough energy for another flight or run. A go/no-go green/red LED gives a quick visual reference of charge condition. Comes with test probes. Requires a 9V transistor battery. The load used to check packs is 200mah on TX setting, 100 on RX 4.8V setting. Meter can also be used to check 6V packs (although not marked on it's face this way) in the 4.8V switch setting which loads at 125mah. When checking 6V packs, do not rely on the indicator lights, you need to interpret the volt readings yourself as Recharge/Good.

The indicator lights are strictly indicative of condition as the switch is labeled.

Be sure to visit our charge cord section to acquire any cords you may need. This unit uses standard banana ended charge cords to it's simple to use your existing charge cords for testing your packs.

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