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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         Aileron Coupler Hardware     

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Aileron Coupler Hardware Carl Goldberg 'Til It's Gone! - Product Image
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Aileron Coupler Hardware Carl Goldberg 'Til It's Gone!

This hardware package is for use when your driving two ailerons with one servo through bellcranks or with curved Nyrod / Cable pushrods. The brass sleeve is soldered to the center section of cable or pushrod wire where it passes through the servo bay. The nylon coupler is over this brass tube with set screw locking in adjustment. The provided 2.56 screw is installed in the smaller hole with it's threads sticking through to form an ultra short pushrod for the provided 2-56 clevis that is clipped to servo horn. The aileron pushrod wire needs to be routed/mounted so that it can move downwards as the servo travels through it's rotation. Instructions included on package. These are new old stock in shelf worn packaging. Same part $1.59 at Tower priced checked 01/20/2011.
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