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Airtronics SD-5G

Airtronics SD-5G

Airtronics SD-5G 2.4G 5-Ch Computer Radio - Air SD5G Airtronics SD-5G - A Game Changer! Entry-Level never worked so well.

Airtronics has re-invented the sport aircraft radio with the SD-5G Full Range 2.4GHz Computer Radio Set. It has all the ease-of-use of a non-computer radio, yet is a computer radio! With just the right features, the SD-5G is a step beyond traditional entry-level radios. No company has been able to do what Airtronics has done: Give the modeler a reliable, full-line compatible, 2.4GHz Computer radio that rivals the prices of 72Mhz equipment.

The SD-5G 2.4GHz is a full-range FHSS-1 radio that includes the Airtronics RX600 receiver. The SD-5G is compatible with all Airtronics FHSS1 receivers including the RX60, RX500, RX600, RX700, and RX800. Check out these features:

3 Model With "Direct-Select" model select buttons
Digital Trims With Audible Sound for Neutral Setting
2.4GHz Airtronics FHSS-1 Proven Technology
Compatible with ALL Airtronics FHSS-1 Receivers
Servo Reversing
Delta/Elevon Mixing
V-Tail Mixing
Master Dual Rate Switch
Throttle Cut

Trainer Compatible with other SD-5G AND SD-10G radios
ATV (Adjustable Throw Volume) for flight control channels
EPA (End Point Adjustment) for throttle
Light-Weight, Well Balanced, High Quality Gimbals And Feel
Full Range Radio 2.4GHz system
Includes RX600 2.4GHz FHSS-1 Full Range Receiver

The SD-5G does not include servos or batteries. It requires only 6 for the transmitter. It is fully operational with common Alkaline AA batteries. Conversion to rechargeables is easy with rechargable AA's.

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