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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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Battery Holder for Kavan Planetary Gear Starter

Originally designed to hold a 10 cell NiCad battery. Much safer to run a starter without a cord running back to your power panel or battery. Nothing to get tangled up.

Holder has room for up to 2 3200 3S Lipo Battery packs. A single pack is perfect for every a couple days of hard flying. Dual packs have more capacity than a standard field box gel battery. Eliminate weight in your field box by using your new 6400mah (6.4 amp hour) starter battery as your pump, charger and glow driver power source. Battery pack options available in drop down boxes below.

Standard Tamiya connectors included. We suggest upgrading to Deans Ultra to go between your battery and starter. If your getting the dual battery setup, you will also need to fabricate or purchase a Parallel Deans Y harness. These items are available in the Drop Downs below.

Another handy option is to modify the case with banana inputs. Allows you to plug a charger or fuel pump into your starter. Selecting the option with 4mm inputs gets this Y built and including hookup to 4mm banana inputs installed on your new case. (Grommet shown in factory photo is no longer included.)


Due to the disappointing closing of Kavan, all Kavan items are sold while supplies last, all sales are final, returns not accepted. SIG IS SOLD OUT


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Price: $27.69 
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