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Castle Creations CC-BEC Lipo/Heli - Product Image
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Castle Creations CC-BEC Lipo/Heli

Use between your RX and Gyro/Tail Servo. Allows use of higher voltage RX packs like 6V and 2 cell A123 packs to drive your head servos and RX while keeping your tail on a steady diet of 5.1V (default setting). Regulator is switch rate so no wasted energy through heat sinks like lessor regulators. Comes set to 5.1V but we can adjust to whatever setting you'd like, see drop down boxes.

Advice from Dave on setting voltage: For simulating a typical 4.8V RX pack set voltage 5.1 to 5.4. For simulating a 6V pack, set voltage to 6.4 to 6.8. Battery packs are not any set voltage but work over a range of voltages. Think about what your trying to simulate. A 4.8v pack is empty at about 4.4v, full at about 6v. A 6v pack is empty at 5.5 and full at about 7.5. For heli's where the tail servo and gyro won't take 6v packs, what the MFG is saying is it won't take 7.5V. Setting heli voltage to even 5.8 or 5.9 is fine as it just looks like a 4.8V pack hot off the charger. For older 2.4GHZ systems (Anything not Hitec/Airtronics and pre 2011 gear) we reccomend setting voltage to 5.4-6V range MINIMUM.

Modified in house by Radical RC which does not void Castle warranty. All units come with Male JR (universal) to plug into your anybrand RX and female Futaba (universal) to accept your anybrand gyro.


Price: $31.99 
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