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Cellpro POWERLAB 8 v2 - Product Image
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Cellpro POWERLAB 8 v2

Cellpro POWERLAB 8 is a 40A, Dual Port 1344W Multi-Chemistry Charger. Regenerative discharge capability. encompassing battery management and analysis tool. It is compact, powerful, and easy to use. Combining this kind of performance with the ability to autonomously cycle batteries, graphing all aspects of charge and discharge at the cell level (using the free Charge Control Software) and over multiple cycles provides you with key information about any chemistry battery you might have. As well it will tell you the quality of your battery by monitoring and graphing internal resistance at the cell level; more accurately and faster than ever. We consider Cellpro chargers to be among the highest quality availble in the marketplace today.

Charges multiple packs at once with optional linkable balance boards
Cell Count: 1-8S Lipo + all other chemistry's in use up to similar voltages
Charges every chemistry in use today including Lipo, Life, Nicad, Nimh and PB (Lead acid)
Charge rate: 10mah to 40A
Max Charge Watts: 1344
A Revlectrix/FMA style 8s balance board is showin in the photo but not included with the unit. Be sure to order at least one useful balance board in the drop downs below. This unit will not charge Lithium type batteries without at least one balance adapter board.

Check manual download for all specifications.

Download: Cellpro POWERLAB 8 User Guide.

In the rare event of any warranty issue with a Cellpro charger, you will handle it directly with the USA service center (FMA Direct). We are happy to provide purchase date proof/invoice copy upon request.
SKU Number: LC08S40A-MC

Price: $219.95 
GP/XH/KO Balance Board 2-6S  
TP/PQ Balance Board 2-6S  

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