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Deans Pro Bars 3.0 6-pack - Product Image
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Deans Pro Bars 3.0 6-pack

These high quality battery bars are the ultimate in current carrying ability. Silver plated for easy solder with raised center to prevent contact between cells. Fits A123-2300 cells nicely and Sub C Diameter cells like CP2400,CP-1300, CP-1700, CP-2400, HR-3000 NiMH (shown in picture) and many others. Great for building or repairing your own electric flight packs. Genuine Deans Product.


Weight 1.44g
Height .094"-2.38mm

Hint: Battery bars are ridged be careful to assemble cells so surfaces are level to each other so bar sits flat on both cells. Pro Bars sold in packages of 6.

SKU Number: WSD1610

Price: $3.95 

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