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Digital Voltmeter Wide Range

Digital expanded scale voltmeter. This is our RRC1000 onboard meter modified for separate power supply. This allows the meter to measure down to 0.00 volts. Popular for use for many other projects. Can also be useful if you want an onboard meter for your low voltage glow assist battery. Solves many unusual voltage measuring problems. Connect to unused servo output on receiver or any 4-20V source to power the meter. Measure any 0-20V real time battery voltage. Easily mounted in cockpit or panel mount anywhere. Two decimal readout. If your requirement is for 4 cell or larger packs (generally 4V or more) you should choose our lower cost RRC1000 meter.

Minimum Voltage 0.00V
Maximum Voltage 19.99
Current Used .001mah (Super Efficient!)
Supply Voltage 4-20V
Size 1 38"W , 7/8"H x 1/2"D
Measured Voltag Lead Length 6 inch Universal plug.



SKU Number: RRC1000WR
Price: $37.00 

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