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Doc Brown's 94 Amp 12V / 47 Amp 24V Power Supply With Deluxe Panel

Doc Brown's 94 Amp 12V / 47 Amp 24V Power Supply With Deluxe Panel

NOTE: The Integy Power Panel required for the Deluxe version is on backorder. The expected date arrives then the distributor pushes it out another 2 weeks and this has happened several times now. We have many of these on backorder with the distributor and have NO IDEA when they will be available. For the time being, I suggest you order one with the standard power panel.

Big amp power supplies guaranteed over 88mph. Banana socket box and rubber feet included. Each one Doc builds could look a little different depending on hour and day of assembly. All 12V / 24V combo supply equiped with Deluxe Power Panel. Accepts standard 4mm banana inputs. Made from re-manufactured and new components. Tested in our shop under load prior to shipping. Doc says if he has time, he can configure the outputs differently if you like. Stock configuration is 2 ports at 24V & 47 amps each. 4 ports at 12V. 30 day guarantee by Doc included.

Safety Note! Due to ground isolation issues, chargers plug into this unit should never contact the case of another charger or the case of the power supply. 2 packs being charged at the same time from the 12v ports cannot share a ground as twin RX packs do with plugged into a single RX. Each battery and charger must be isolated from any others.

Special Notes for the HAM hobby:Radical Workbench Blog Post.

Note: Power supply requires PC type power cord. Most people have 3 or 4 in a drawer somewhere just waiting to be recycled to a good use. This is an excellent place to employ one of the extra cords you've been saving. If you need one, please choose in the drop-down below. The 18 gauge cord is light duty and should not be used if you'll be taxing this power supply above 20 amps. The 14 AWG cord is a heavy duty server grade cord and will run cool as a cucumber even when you've got this unit maxed out. Our improved supplies require only 1 cord and 110v outlet to power up.


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