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Elite 5000 NiMH 5 cell 6.0V Sub C Flat pack - Product Image
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Elite 5000 NiMH 5 cell 6.0V Sub C Flat pack

High capacity 6.0V 5 cell flat, RX pack. Weight 354g/12.5oz. 22 ga wire.
"Sub C" size high capacity, high discharge NiMH cells. Replaces Elite 4700 pack.
Elite high discharge pack where light weight and greater than normal capacity is required. Can give you up to 20 amps constant in e-flight applications so you know it won't flinch at any servo load. Flat shape.
*Already in coming soon! Internal Impedance 5mΩ or less.

Suggested charge rate non-peak detecting 350mah or less, peak detecting .5 to 4 amps. (RX power wired packs are limited to 4 amps charge rate due to connector pins, the pack could sustain 10 amps charge rate with correct wiring and plugs.

SKU Number: RRC05H5000ELF

Price: $40.00 

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