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EnerSys Cyclonr 2V X Sealed Pb Cell - Product Image
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EnerSys Cyclonr 2V X Sealed Pb Cell

Sealed Lead Rechargeable Battery, 2V, 5.0AH. 'X' size cell. Non spillable. Made in USA.
This cell is used in some hobby devices like the Glow Bee Glow Ignighter. May be used in arrays to make 6 or 12V power supplies. diameter 1.75" (44.5mm), height 2.87" (72.9mm), Height over terminals 3.21" (81.5mm), voltage 2.0v, capacity 5ah, .250 fast-on standard spade terminals, internal resistance 3.5 megaohms, short circuit current 570A, weight 12.77 oz.

Price: $13.50 

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