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FDK (Sanyo) 1650mah NiMH 8-AA cell 9.6V Square TX Pack - Product Image
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FDK (Sanyo) 1650mah NiMH 8-AA cell 9.6V Square TX Pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) HR-AA-1650 Square Pack. HIGH capacity if you are sick of your TX running down. Yes, it's the same size as your current Square "AA" pack. About 3x the capacity of most factory packs! The 1650 has been around for a number years with great results and good longevity. If you've been afraid to try NiMH this is a great place to get your feet wet. Fits all the Futaba and JR radios requiring Square pack. If you have a clip pack, get the adapter kit to go with this pack. Clip packs are corrosion prone and any modeler at this level needs to make this update before you get bit. Why did they sell you that fine high end radio only to give you a paltry little pack with it? Fix that factory ignorance with this pack. Don't let the shadow in this picture fool you, this pack is about 3 15/16 long. A "AA" is a "AA" is a "AA". It's the same size as your current SQ AA pack. Weight 223g/7.85oz. Individual Cell Internal Impedance 25.0m?

BMaintenance charge and maximum form charge rate for this pack is not to exceed 100mah. See chart at top of category page for charging recommendations.

Form charge on factory wall charger only, not to exceed 100mah. Attempting to form charge (initial charge) on peak detection charger or by any other method not specifically stated here is not recommended and voids warranty.




SKU Number: RRC08H1650S-TX
Price: $39.00 

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