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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
 Flite Test visits Radical RC 
         FDK Sanyo 2500mAh     

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FDK/Sanyo 2500mAh 4-AA Cell 4.8V NIMH RX Square Pack - Product Image
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FDK/Sanyo 2500mAh 4-AA Cell 4.8V NIMH RX Square Pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) AA 2500 NIMH Square Pack. Same size as 700 and 1100 Nicad pack above. Less weight than 1400/1700 "A" cells above. NIMH offers some incredible advantages in size and weight. Use this pack with 4-6 normal servos. Not to be used in Heli's, large scale or digital servo applications. For the heavier applications choose at least "A" size cells below. Double lead options available. Weight 155g, 5.5 oz.

Individual Cell Internal Impedance 20.0m?

All AA size cells over 1700mah should not be fast charged ever! If you repeat this experiment, your on your own. I recommend only factory wall wart charging with units rated of 70mah or less for these type cells.

SKU Number: RRC04H2500S
Price: $22.00 

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