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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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FDK/Sanyo 2700mAh AU 5-Cell 6V NIMH RX Flat pack

FDK/Sanyo 2700mAh AU 5-Cell 6V NIMH RX Flat pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) AU 2700 NIMH. Same size as 1400 and 1700 Nicad pack above. Less weight than 1800 Sub C above. 1.25oz heavier than 1400 AAU pack. NiMH offers some incredible advantages in size and weight. Very popular for giant scale in dual RX pack sets. Double lead options available. Weight 193g, 6.875 oz.

Individual Cell Internal Impedance 20.0Ω

Suggested charge rate non-peak detecting 270mah or less, peak detecting 1350-4000mah.
4 amps is the max charge rate through hobby pins.



SKU Number: RRC05H2700AF
Price: $34.00 



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