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FDK/Sanyo Twicell 1900mah NiMH AA 8-Cell 9.6V Tx Flat Pack

FDK/Sanyo Twicell 1900mah NiMH AA 8-Cell 9.6V Tx Flat Pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) TWICELL (formerly Eneloop) 9.6V, 1900mAh, AA 8 Cell Flat Pack.

Sanyo's new more environmentally friendly NiMH battery.

Weight 218g, 7.7 oz.

Although these are advertised as charged and ready to go right out of the package, we recommend a forming charge period prior to use. Our tests have shown them be factory charged to 60% or less. Twicell (Eneloop) NiMH cells have a lower daily self discharge than typical NiMH cells.

Maintenance charge and maximum form charge rate for this pack is not to exceed 100mah. See chart at top of category page for charging recommendations.

Form charge on factory wall charger only, not to exceed 100mah. Attempting to form charge (initial charge) on peak detection charger or by any other method not specifically stated here is not recommended and voids warranty. Although FDK's website shows Cx1 (capacity x 1) fast charge rates with a NiMH rated charger, I'm not prepared to warranty any packs damaged by fast charging or peak charging in any form. If you insist on experimenting with fast charging and damage a pack, call FDK, not Radical RC.

SKU Number: RRC08H1900TWF-TX
Price: $47.00 



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