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FDK/Sanyo Twicell 2000mah NiMH 3x2 Triangle Tx Pack

FDK (formerly Sanyo) Twicell (formerly Sanyo eneloop) AA 2000 TX pack made to fit Hitec's Optic 6 Sport. Excellent way to go when replacing a weak factory pack. 7.2 volts and 6 cells just more capacity. Order with Hitec White TX plug for the Optic 6 Sport use. Other choices below if your using it in another application. Twicell cells are limited availability at this time.

Although these are advertised as charged and ready to go right out of the package, we recommend a forming charge period prior to use. Our tests have shown them be factory charged to 60% or less. Twicell NiMH cells have a lower daily self discharge than typical NiMH cells.

Break in (first forming charge) for 2000mah pack on 50mah charger - 54 hours, 70mah charger - 40 hours. Individual Cell Internal Impedance 96.0Ω

Although FDK's website shows Cx1 (capacity x 1) fast charge rates with a NiMH rated charger, I'm not prepared to warranty any packs damaged by fast charging or peak charging in any form. If you insist on experimenting with fast charging and damage a pack, call FDK, not Radical RC. Discontinued by FDK (formerly Sanyo), while supplies last!

Weight 164g, 5.78 oz.

SKU Number: RRC06H2000TW3X2TRI-TX
Price: $38.00 

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