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Fiberglass Cloth Heavy Weight 38" x 72" 6oz Sq Yd, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - Product Image
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Fiberglass Cloth Heavy Weight 38" x 72" 6oz Sq Yd, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Fiberglass Cloth has found many valuable uses in the model field. It is excellent for reinforcing critical strength areas of a model airplane such as the firewall attachment, wing center section, and landing gear installation. Model boat builders also like it for covering the bottom of a wooden boat hull for extra strength and puncture resistance. Polyester Glass Resin or slow-drying Epoxy Glue should be used to saturate the Glass Cloth and adhere it to the model structure.

Glass Cloth and resin can also be used to mold entire model parts, such as a whole airplane fuselage. Cowlings, wheel pants, and any other model parts that have a lot of compound curves are also especially suited to fiberglass construction. Fiberglass parts such as these will have an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and excellent dimensional stability.

Lastly, many modelers like to use the ultra-light weight Glass Cloth as a covering material for their entire model, especially when an epoxy or enamel paint is going to be used. It's super strong and goes around compound corners with ease.

Like the name implies, Glass Cloth is made of actual glass! First, very fine filaments of pure glass are spun into yarn. This yarn is then woven into varying weights of cloth. Glass is one of the strongest textile fibers, having greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter. We have Glass Cloth available in four different weights to suit all possible modeling applications. Chemically treated to enhance glue/resin adhesion. This is the finest grade Glass Cloth available, manufactured by the largest fiberglass producer in the U.S.


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