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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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         GFS 12 amp     

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GFS 12 amp ESC  SPECIAL -ON-SALE (Can be used as electronic switch also.) - Product Image
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GFS 12 amp ESC SPECIAL -ON-SALE (Can be used as electronic switch also.)

Full Featured Performance for Small Electric Aircraft. A Small ESC Done Right! Light enough for the smallest Indoor aircraft, yet powerful enough for many "Speed 400" applications, the GFS! is uncommonly smooth, predictable, and reliable. Ask anyone who has flown a GFS!, and you are likely to hear: "This is the way it should be!" On Sale, was $32.50.

Also useful as a switch to turn onboad devices like LED lights on and off.

Glitch Filtering Software!
The sophisticated software in the GFS microcomputer will throw out" signals from your radio receiver that are not valid R/C pulses. In addition, it will ignore short gaps in the signal that are common when flying in noisy environments, or when you are near the limits of your radio's range. The result is ultra smooth speed control, even under adverse conditions, or when using inexpensive receivers.

Ramp-Up Soft Start
The GFS! software employs our exclusive Dual Filtered, Ramp-Up Ramp-Down technique. This means motor speed will always increase or decrease smoothly, eliminating gear bash, and greatly reducing motor stress.

Automatic Safety Arming
Even small propellers can inflict painful wounds if started unexpectedly. That's why GFS! will not allow your motor to run until it detects at least 1 second of low throttle signal from your transmitter, after power is first applied.

Low Voltage Shutdown
Low Voltage Shutdown is triggered instantly whenever your battery voltage dips to 3.6 volts. This technique allows reliable operation from 4 cells, and works very well with small mAh batteries.

Loss of Signal Shutdown
The Loss Of Signal feature will shut down your motor and prevent a fly-away when NO valid R/C signal is received for 1 second. Any loss of signal (or glitch) shorter than 1 second will simply be ignored.

With BEC.

Includes BEC type plug for battery input and universal plug for your RX.
SKU Number: GFS12TIG

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