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HECO Lipo Solution Charger

HECO Lipo Solution Charger

This charger is a beauty! No jumpers, simple metalic buttons page the LED display from setting to setting. Durable and compact anodized aluminum casing and internal cooling fan. Charge rate selections are 250,500,750,1000,1250 and 1500mah, cell counts are 1,2,3 or 4. Lights give lots of info. left light is mah of charge rate, this light blinks when charging and in constant current mode. When the pack is about 90% full a lipo charger shifts to constant voltage mode. When this happens, the right light (right light is setting for cell count/voltage) begins to blink. You can let it finish or just go and fly. Run button (lower right) starts the charge. When charging, actuating the mah setting button or cell count button won't change the chargers settings. This is a very nice feature! Charger has built in safety software to attempt to catch user errors. Of course, all lipo's have the potential of starting fires and no lipo should be charged out of supervision or around flamibles.
Input source is 12VDC.
Max charge current is 1.5amp.
Output jacks are banana plugs.

Price: $29.00 



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