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Hitec H4 Plus DC/DC Four-Port Smart Charger - Product Image

Hitec H4 Plus DC/DC Four-Port Smart Charger

This four-port charger features an elegant aluminum design and an easy-to-read graphic display. Four microprocessor controlled charging ports with integrated balancers make the Hitec H4 Plus perfect for ambitious operators of model aircraft, helis, cars, boats, and more. Multiple charge profiles are possible for charging more batteries or fewer at a higher amp rate. Charge lithium, NiCd, NiMH, or lead-acid batteries from the same charger with maximum safety. 

Product Description


  • Features Luxury High Performance 4-channel Smart Charger 
  • Full aluminum case 
  • 32bit high performance microprocessor controlled 
  • High quality 128x64 Back Light Graphic LCD 
  • High Power 150watt x 4channel 
  • Hitec Channel Bridge Function (Max Charge - 300watt) 
  • Lithium Chemistry Battery (Li-HV, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-ion) 
  • NiMH , NiCd, Pb Battery capable 
  • Li-xx Storage Mode (Auto Detecting) 
  • Ni-xx Cycle Charge & Discharge (Up to 10-cycle) 
  • Built in Cell check Function (Voltage level & Capacity) 
  • Lithium Chemistry Battery Discard Function 
  • User name (12 character) 
  • Temp Sensor can be connected
  • Firmware can be Upgraded by HPP-22




  • Function: Charger, Discharger, Cycle Charger/Discharger (Ni-XX), Balancer (Li-XX), Battery 
  • Voltage Displays(Li-XX), Warning Signals, Safety Features 
  • Compatible Batteries: Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Pb, Li-HV 
  • Available Number of Cells: 1-6 Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion / 1-15 Ni-MH, Ni-CD / 1-12 Pb (2~24v), Li-HV (1-6) 
  • Input Voltage: DC 11~18V 
  • Charging Current: 4ch (MAX 8A) x 150watts , (MAX 16A) x 300watts(with Hitec Bridge Function) 
  • Discharging Current: 4ch (Max 2A) x 20watts , (MAX 4A) x 40watts(with Hitec Bridge Function) 
  • Balancer Connector Type: MPX, Thunder Power, Flight Power 
  • Maximum Permissible Current: 65A & 13V 
  • Charging Capacity: 600W 
  • Model Memory: 10 model memory per channel 
  • Size: 205mm x 163mm x 52mm Weight: 1200g


SKU Number: HRC44260
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