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Hobby Connector Pin Crimp Tool - Product Image
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Hobby Connector Pin Crimp Tool

This is the Hobby Connector Pin Crimp Tool made just for common RC type connector pins. This tool crimps the wire tighter than any other we've tested. Use this tool to make custom harnesses, do your own battery connectors or modify existing wiring.
HINT! How to use our Hobby Pin Crimp Tool.
Notice there are 2 sets of crimps on the connector pin, one for the wire insulation and one for the wire strands. Strip about 3/16" of the insulation from one end of the wire. You want the stripped portion to be long enough to extent through the wire strand crimps and bloom on the other side.
Notice in the gully the little peak in the center of the gully. Notice that it is on one side only. As you hold the tool pointing away from you, gully down, it is on the right. This turns the crimps (on your connector pin) into the wire (curls them inward) so they don't crash into each other. Start by crimping ONLY the insulation part and lightly, then move pin into tool fully so the wire strand crimps (on the connector pin) are over the little peak in the gully and crimp very tight.

Price: $17.00 

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