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Insta Check Pro RX/TX Pack Tester Special 1OK

Insta Check Pro RX/TX Pack Tester Special 1OK

Last none Lipo / Life one in stock. New one does Lipo and Life packs. Get a bargain on this unit. 20% off regualar price. High resolution display with 10 high intensity LEDs. 12 bits microchip IC design, for accurate voltage readings. Large LCD display shows battery voltage and 7-step capacity graphic display. Capable of measuring 1-2-3-4 cell (3.7V-7.4V-11.1V-14.8V) Li-Po or 4.8V-6.0V-9.6V NiXX battery packs. The test sequence shows battery condition under 500mA load. Test range is between 3.7V-20V. Reverse polarity protected. Universal test probe included.

Comments from Dave: This unit is easy to opperate. Just press the "Select" button to scroll through the "Nominal" voltages to find your pack. Stop on 6V to test a 5 cell RX pack, 4.8V to test a 4 cell pack. Stop at 8.4 to test a 2 cell Lipo, 11.1 for 3 Cell and etc. Press the test button, a 500mah load is applied for 5 seconds and your results both digital and graphical are displayed. An exacting and repeatable test every time. The connector is universal to plug into typical RX charge battery leads and most TX connectors. Any connector with a .100" standard pin spacing.
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