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K & S Aluminum Streamline Tubing 5/16 x 35 Inch 1PC - Product Image
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K & S Aluminum Streamline Tubing 5/16 x 35 Inch 1PC

35" section of streamline tubing measuring about .160" (4.07mm) thick by 5/16" (7.94mm) cord. Weight: .769oz. (21.8g). Photo is MFG sample, Price is per stick.

Minimum order 6 pieces Rod Stock items. Mix and match welcome.

Rod Stock Policy: In order to include long skinny products at our very favorable shipping rates: All USA orders that contain rod-stock items need to contain at least 6 rods. Rod stock is anything over 30". This would include Music Wire, Carbon Rods of any kind, larger Pushrod kits, brass or aluminum rods and anything else of that nature. Thinner items like carbon strips .5mm thick, sub 1mm diameter carbon rods and music wire .020 or thinner ordered in quantities less than 6 rods total will be shipped coiled. Unless otherwise stated, all carbon rod stock is pull-truded construction grade. The resin is heat cured as the fibers are pulled through a die of the proper shape. Sizes are approximate usually within 5%.

SKU Number: KS1101
Price: $5.25 

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