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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
 Flite Test visits Radical RC 
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Kavan Planetary Gear Starter - LAST ONE!

Kavan Planetary Gear Starter - LAST ONE!

This is my personal favorite starter. Stronger than any standard starter. I urge you to order the silicon insert as the one that comes with the starter is a bit hard. Specifications below are those of the manufacturer.

Full Parts Availability Listed Here: Kavan Starter Parts

Smaller and lighter than conventional starters.
Positive brush switch provides a reliable electrical contact
Easily starts .60 (10 cm?) 2-Stroke or .90 (15 cm?) 4-Stroke engines.
Gear ratio: 5:1, Weight: approx. 26 oz. (725 g)
Size: approx. 6.3 x 1.8 in. (160 X 45 mm), 12 - 14.4 v. operation.

Due to the disappointing closing of Kavan, all Kavan items are sold while supplies last, all sales are final, returns not accepted. Choose Insurance, this item cannot be replaced.


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Price: $223.59 



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