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Lipo 2800mAh Transmitter Pack 11.1V - Product Image
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Lipo 2800mAh Transmitter Pack 11.1V

2800 TX battery packs. These are lower C rate high energy density cells perfect for low drain applications like transmitters. This pack generally fits inside any TX that was made to hold a traditional Square 9.6V AA size TX pack. Size: L 3.71" (94.25mm) x W 1.21" (30.6mm) x T 1.05" (26.7mm).

JR Z plug (like servo or RX battery plug for JR, Spektrum, Hitec, New Airtronics) is included on the pack. Balance plug is the ever popular XH Balance plug (like 75% of all packs made).

Using Lipos as TX and RX packs requires special safety attention. See notes at top of category. Use at your own risk.

If you need a different plug to connect to your TX, select from the menu below.


SKU Number: RRC3S2800TX
Price: $33.00 
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