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Lipo 4000mAh DX8 / DX7S Transmitter Pack 7.4V - Product Image
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Lipo 4000mAh DX8 / DX7S Transmitter Pack 7.4V

RRC 7.4V 4000 2S TX pack. Fits the DX8 and DX7S. 3C discharge rate cells. Unlike other packs for this TX, ours includes an XH balance harness. Packs supplied without this important feature are unsafe. Size: L 2.725" (69.25mm) x W 2.125" (53.97mm) x T .801" (20.32mm).

JR / Spektrum White TX plug is included on the pack. Balance plug is the ever popular XH Balance plug (like 75% of all packs made).

Using Lipos as TX and RX packs requires special safety attention. See notes at top of category. Use at your own risk.

If you need a different plug to connect to your TX, select from the menu below.
SKU Number: RRC2S4000TX3C

Price: $39.00 
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