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MPA-4P is a Multi-Port Safe Parallel Module w/Deans - Product Image
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MPA-4P is a Multi-Port Safe Parallel Module w/Deans

MPA-4P is a Multi-Port Safe Parallel Module for safely interconnecting same-cell-count LiPO batteries in parallel. This version supports LiPO batteries with JST XH compatible balance connectors and wiring and a Deans connector on the battery power leads. Unit includes: support for safe parallel charging of up to 4 same-cell-count packs at one time (2s-8s); supports 40A max charge/discharge rate; every port reverse polarity fuse protection of main battery wires; every cell/balance wire protected by self-resetting polyfuses with temperature warning indicators. Works with any Cellpro charger or PowerLab battery workstation equipped with "XH MODE WIRING" option.

This combo includes (1) MPA-4P-DNS adapter and the cable PN MPA-FRC-PL6/PL8 (cable not pictured) for connecting to a PowerLab series charger.

Weight: .375 kg



*MPA can be used with any Cellpro or Revolectrix PowerLab brand products capable of XH WIRING MODE; e.g., Cellpro 10XP, Revolectrix PowerLab series. Cables available to support direct connection to these models.

**Cables also available to support direct connection to other XH compatible chargers. Cables available from other charger vendors will likely not work with the MPA without modification.


Price: $50.90 
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