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         Mercury M1100G Gap     

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Mercury M1100G Gap Filling Viscosity Adhesive 8 oz - Product Image
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Mercury M1100G Gap Filling Viscosity Adhesive 8 oz

8 oz. economy bottle Mercury M1100G Instant is a thick gap filling viscosity that bonds to a wide variety of materials including wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabrics, etc. Bond times vary according to the substrates being bonded but are generally faster than normal super glues.
APPLICATIONS: High performance wicking and bonding of close-fitting parts incuding: plastics, rubbers, metal, wood, leather, fabric and composites to themselves or in various combinations
USEFUL HINTS/NOTES: Bond time is extremely fast, align parts prior to assembly. Also for locking parts that are pre-assembled.
Useful on large projects or for refilling empty smaller bottles.
Keep excess supply in freezer for long term.
On Sale! Last 8oz size in stock, order today!

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