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Model Motors Planetary Gearbox 3:1 - Product Image
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Model Motors Planetary Gearbox 3:1

Gearbox for high performance motors by Model Motors/AXI, Czech Republic. Although gearbox apears to be planetary, in fact it runs on a motor with slight offset as the pinion gear mounted to the motor runs directly on an internal gear (prelubed at factory). So, the motor is not quite central but no where near the offset for traditional gearboxes. A very novel idea!

Gear ratio is 3.00:1
Pinion Bore: 5mm with set screw for 5mm shaft motors.
Gear and output shaft mounted in ball bearings.
Weight: 94g/3.3oz.

Special Notes: I have 2 gearbox's in inventory, these are leftover from when we were a direct importer of AXI motors. This gearbox seems to have been made for their earlier brushed motors. However, the adapter plate (2 are provided) will fit an AXI 28 series motor and they do in fact have 5mm shafts. So I would presume you could mount up an AXI outrunner here. It should also be noted this bolt pattern is the same on nearly all motors in this class, for example Himax 35 series motors and many others. Drawing included shows how to mount the gearbox on MEGA, PHASOR, VM24, 28 and 33 series motors. Another variation for motor with 3mm 3 bolt face around 30mm circle motors is also shown. Will fit any motor with 5mm shaft and standard Speed 600/700 bolt pattern including Hacker B50 and Fun 500/600 Tango series motors. MAKE sure you know how to setup this gearbox before you buy it. I'm telling you everything I know about it right here.


Price: $39.95 

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