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Motor Shafts for GWS 2215 GWBLM004 Outrunner 6pcs - Product Image
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Motor Shafts for GWS 2215 GWBLM004 Outrunner 6pcs

6 Spare Replacement GWS Motor Shafts for 2215 Brushless Motors GWBLM004. Shaft 61.75mm 92.431")overall length. Threaded portion 21mm (.827")long. Smooth end of shaft to center of middle flat aprox 35.13mm (1.383").

Important Note: This is not the correct shaft for the 004 outrunner that is shipped with the GWS40 (GWS P-40) ARF. This shaft will fit any off the shelf 004 outrunner and any 004 outrunner that came with any other GWS ARF including the AT6 and Slow Stick Brushless for example.

Hex Wrench not included. Note: Photo is generic, All shafts in this GWS 22 series are same except for length. We often use these shafts to repair other brand small outrunners using 3mm shafts.
SKU Number: GWSHF004A

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