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Multiplex style 8 Pin Plug 1 Pair Mountable - Product Image
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Multiplex style 8 Pin Plug 1 Pair Mountable

Panel/Bulkhead mountable 8 pin Multiplex style plug. Useful for complex servo hook up, up to 6 servos connected with one plug. MFG claims up to 15 amps per pin in this plug so also useful for higher current applications with ganged pins on each pole. Can also be used to make your own jumper-key setup to turn on your electric powered model. Polarized housing prevent improper insertion. Easily soldered. One pair as shown.

Mountable side, mounting frame measures 1-1/4" X 1/2" , Plug portion measures 13/16" x 5/16" 

Other side measures 13/16" x 5/16" 

SKU Number: MPX8PM
Price: $5.95 

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