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         NiMH Elite 5000SC     

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NiMH Elite 5000SC  Single Cell Sub C - Product Image
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NiMH Elite 5000SC Single Cell Sub C

Elite SC-5000mah single cell NiMH. Dimensions: 43x23mm/1.69"x.91", Weight: 69.2g/2.4oz; Size: Sub C, May fit your screw-apart glow drivers (see notes below). Our most powerful Sub C size NiMH single cell.

Special Glow Driver use notes: Some glow drivers are smaller inside than others. These cells are double shrunk, removing outer layer of clear shrink takes off about .008" making od around .901 (22.88mm). Removing the inner printed layer of shrink gets the OD down to about .895" (22.733mm). The OD of the trusty CP2400 Nicad cell is about .877" (22.276mm). Measure the ID of your glow driver before ordering to be sure it will fit. Any cell may be run without shrink in aluminum glow drivers. Note date 01/04/12.

Suggested charge rate non-peak detecting 350mah or less, peak detecting .5 to 4 amps. (RX power wired packs are limited to 4 amps charge rate due to connector pins, the cell could sustain up to 10 amp peak charge rate with correct form charging, wiring and plugs.


SKU Number: RRC01H5000EL
Price: $7.75 

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