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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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Night Fly Lights 4 Led With Tubes - Product Image
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Night Fly Lights 4 Led With Tubes

Light Kit made perfect to fit your Slow Stick or other similar sized models up to about 46" wingspan. Each LED is installed in a light weight transparent tube to difuse the light over a larger surface area. Wires long enough to install with tape on bottom of wing surface allowing lights to hang couple inches off the wing tips, elevator and motor mount. As such they are easily seen from many different orientations in the sky. 4 LED Setup, 1 red for left wing, 1 green for right wing, 1 white for tail and 1 yellow for nose. Aproximate draw is only 85mah. Our light kit simply plugs onto your XH balance connector on your 3S Lipo pack. XH is the most common plug as found on Radical RC, E-Flite, Align, Dualsky, Electrifly, Tenergy and many others. No soldering, just plug them in and head for the stars.
Price: $27.50 

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