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Optic 6 2.4g with 2 Optima 7 RX's  Lowest Price On The Net - Product Image
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Optic 6 2.4g with 2 Optima 7 RX's Lowest Price On The Net

On Sale for a limited time only! $30 below pricing at the big boys.

Want to spend even less? Check drop down box below and take with only 1 RX, get it for $169.00!!

The Optic 6 computer aircraft radio system is considered one of the most value packed radios on the market today. This sophisticated radio features an 8-model memory, assignable switches, throttle lock, dual timer and two slider switches, plus with the shift select function and Spectra synthesized capability (with optional synthesized 72mhz module) is one of the most flexible 6-channel radios Hitec manufactures.

Includes 2 Optima 7 RX's, Hitec 2.4g module, TX, misc accy's and instruction booklet. No servos.

Yes, the photo is correct excepting the antenna in the photo. Hitec does not have a correct photo up at and in fact they don't even show that this radio system exists as of the time of this listing. So, this is a surprise release. We have radios in stock and it comes with the correct antenna, fitted with Hitec's 2.4gig module from the factory, fresh and ready to rock.

SKU Number: OPTIC24

Price: $199.00 
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